High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

Custom Compounds Application

For the application you've chosen, we usually create a custom compound.

Arjay’s unique mixing processes allow for the production of surprisingly small quantities of custom formulated compounds.  Our standard products are designed to work in the majority of cases, but experience shows that customer needs arise for an adjustment of gel time, cure time, viscosity, color or other parameters. 

An example of such a custom formulated product solving a customer need occurred with a large power boat manufacturer using our J-Core Ultra Light Compound for their hard tops and hatches.  The standard product works well for them in all instances except for a certain line of hardtops with a more complex design that requires that the material hold on a vertical surface.  A higher viscosity version was developed for use with this one line and now two products are provided – the standard in drums for application with dispensing equipment and the custom product in quantities of 4 to 6 pails for hand application. Considerable finish time was saved because of Arjay’s ability to custom formulate small quantities of material.

More Custom Compound Examples

Arjay's 3401 High Fiber Bonding Compound was specially formulated for some national companies for use in high vibration audio applications.  They wanted to make sure that the bond would hold under very high sound vibration situations.  It is also used by several OEM's for bonding applications in the transom area.
4702HV was developed for use in those squish molding situations where glass loading, mold design, clamping technique or similar factors call for a higher viscosity product.   In addition, Arjay will communicate with the customer to make jointly agreed smaller seasonal adjustments to compensate for the effect that temperature change has on viscosity.  4702HV is a custom compound based on Arjay's Lam Light

4502HV has a viscosity in between the standard product (4502) and the XHV. These three choices have evolved because of the wide variation in hard top size and complexity.  Viscosity and its control are keys to successful hard top production with minimal waste and defects.  4502HV is a based on Arjay's J-Core Ultralight Bonding Compound

2012FC is designed primarily for smaller power boats built on a fast cycle.  It gives a working time of 18 to 25 minutes and the cure time is accelerated making it possible to move on to subsequent building steps quickly.  Arjay can custom design a product’s gel and cure times to fit almost any production requirement.  Need a longer working time?  Just ask.  Arjay can deliver!  2012FC is based on Arjay's Medium Weight Compound