High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

7121 Multi-Purpose Vinyl Ester Compound

Superior Strength and Versatility: Best Known for its Critical Bonding Applications,
Arjay’s Vinyl Ester has Become a Multi-Purpose Leader

Arjay Technology’s Vinyl Ester is specially formulated with Bisphenol-A based epoxy vinyl ester resin for superior physical properties when compared to polyester resins. This has made it the ideal choice for many marine applications where the bonds are structurally critical, such as:

VEseries hulliner

  • Stringers to Hull
  • Liner to Hull (after prepping hull & stringers, pictured right) 
  • Hull to Deck Joint
  • Strake Filling
  • Bulkhead Bonding and Filleting
  • Tabbing in Fittings

7121’s unique formulation has also made it versatile
enough to be applied in many other useful ways, such as:

  • High Vibration Areas
  • Radius Compound
  • Mold Flange Repair
  • Mold Structure Attachment

web mixing
Stronger Bond, Same Ease of Application

Arjay is known for the mixability and flexibility of our bonding compounds. Vinyl Ester continues that tradition by not only being easy to mix, but also easy to apply and use.

Fire Retardant Solutions Available

For engine room and galley installations, Arjay’s 7121FRCL uses halogenated intermediates to help this unique formula take the heat and resist the flames.  Provides a Class I flame spread rating.  Click here for more details.  Email or call and ask us for additional details.

Specifications Vinyl Ester Multi-Purpose



Gel Time

Arjay Vinyl Ester Compound