High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

4001 Core Bonding Compound

Arjay’s Core Bonding Compound Has
Become a Favorite Among Companies
in the Marine Industry for Its High Tensile
and Flexural Strength

One of the best things that came from our experience in the boat building industry was the creation of a compound that  not only has a strong bond, but can flex under the pressure of a rough sea, and still hold everything together.  That compound is our Core Bonding Compound (CBC). After years of refining, we’ve perfected the product to the point where many boat builders won’t build without it.

Flexible Gel Time, Trowels Easily

CBC’s 40 minute gel time at 1.5% MEKP allows ample working time for nearly any application.  Where longer gel times are required, the MEKP level can be reduced to as low as 0.5% when mixed properly.

Works with Many Types of Cores

Arjay’s Core Bonding Compound can be used to bed many types of cores, including PVC Foam, Balsa, Honeycomb, and more.

Great for Bonding FRP Laminates--Large or Small

The marine industry commonly uses Arjay’s CBC for bonding large fiberglass parts together, such as a hull liner to a hull side.

Increases Flexural Strength as Much as 60%

Studies have shown that filling the edges of a cored laminate at a 3:1 slope increased flexural strength as much as 60% over laminates with a step.  Arjay’s CBC is the perfect high strength, low weight solution for this application.

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Arjay Core Bonding Compound