High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

4701 Lam Light Compound

Arjay’s Lightweight Lam Light
Cures Cooler for Better 
Hatch Cosmetics and Less Finish Work—Saving Time and Money

There are other ways to make hatches, and then there’s  the better way.  Arjay’s Lam Light compound is used by some of country’s more innovative boat builders as that better way.  It not only reduces weight and labor, but also reduces the need for extensive cosmetic work post-mold.

Lam Light saturates the continuous strand fiberglass and forms two structural laminates as it simultaneously bonds  the core to these laminates.

Better Part Cosmetics

Lam Light’s lower exotherm avoids "heat print."  Its white color results in a trim edge that requires little or no final finish work when white gel coat is used.

Lighter Weight

When compared to Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), hand lay up and other processes, Lam Light’s 6.7 lb/gal density produces lighter weight parts.

Reduced Labor

Lam Light’s one step laminating process can save on cycle time and labor hours required over hand laying and even RTM.

Simplified Process Means Repetitive Reliability

Introducing Lam Light into open molds greatly reduces problems with pressure and flow when compared to RTM.  This reason alone can result in lower cost, and higher quality.

Specifications Lam Light



Gel Time

Arjay J-Lam Light Compound