High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

4501 XHV J-Core Bonding Compound

J-Core HV & XHV Provide Light Weight and High Strength in Multi-Use, Higher Viscosity Compounds


J-Core HV was a custom compound developed in response to a trend toward more complex hardtops, one of the many preferred applications of J-Core. Its higher viscosity (around 125,000 cps) allows it to both flow easily, but also to “stay put” —especially in those areas of high camber.

Arjay’s J-Core XHV (pictured, left) was also a custom compound for one of our customers who wanted the same, incredible low exotherm and light weight features of our J-Core line (less than 5 pounds per gallon), but needed even higher viscosity for their specific application—which was bridging gaps in different areas of their hard top. The resulting compound has now become a popular solution for many of our customers in need of these same benefits:

J-Core Strong

Because of our unique formulation  technology, J-Core XHV has a high resin availability that results in the same, surprisingly strong bonds you’ve come to expect from this product line.

Reduces Overall Weight

J-Core has been shown to reduce the overall part weight wherever it is used.  A standard hull weight can be reduced by as much as 80 lbs over regular bonding/filling compounds when using J-Core XHV to fill the strakes. (See photo, top right)

Completely Pumpable

Due to a low measured viscosity, J-Core XHV pumps easily and handles just like conventional medium weight putties. And, as with most Arjay products, stays put when applied.

Cures with Low Exotherm & Less Print

Arjay products are well-known for the low exotherm when used in large masses.  J-Core XHV follows in that tradition and enhanced part cosmetics directly result.

Perfect for Bridging Gaps (Hard Tops)

Several of our customers use J-Core XHV to control the flow of lower-viscosity compounds into smaller gaps, such as in hard top applications.

Specifications J-Core XHV