High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

2121 Radius Compound

Arjay’s Impact Resistant Radius Compound Stays
Cool and Shrinks Less, Preventing Time Consuming Air Voids

In recent years boat builders increasingly have designed sharp radii and style lines into their models.  The challenge on the floor becomes laminating those tight radii and not leaving air voids.  Plus, this has to be done without creating other problems like gel coat cracks and "print" caused by heat and excessive resin shrinkage.  Arjay’s Radius Compound rises to these challenges by providing a tough, resilient, low shrink substrate between the gel coat and skin laminate that will allow you to produce void free, final finish free parts.


Strong and Impact Resistant

Arjay’s Radius Compound contains fibrous materials and tough resins that provide impact resistance both in the field and under your toughest quality control tests.

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Stays Cool to Avoid Print

Arjay’s 2121 has become popular because it works!  Its low exotherm, low shrink and ease of application combine to produce a defect free finished product with outstanding cosmetics.

Saves Time and Money

When using Arjay’s Radius Compound, labor hours have been shown to be significantly reduced.  Our studies indicate that the increased material cost is saved many times over in the reduction of hours required in both laminating and repairing the skin coat.

Strong Bonding Compound

Arjay’s Radius Compound can also be used for bonding FRP parts together.  One customer who manufacturers fiberglass light poles solved two separate prouction problems by using Arjay’s 2121 (See photo, left).  They used it behind the flutes to avoid air voids and to bond the base to the pole.

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Gel Time

Arjay J-Radius Compound