High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

5121 Radius Compound

Arjay's Premium Radius Compound Provides Superior Blister Resistance and Strength

Web-altpic1We formulated Arjay’s 5121 using Ashland’s AMETM 5001 modified epoxy vinyl ester resin which is known for its superior blister resistance.  In addition, this product contains a significantly higher level of high aspect ratio fibers making it virtually substitutable for the skin coat over much larger areas than heretofore possible.  Figure 1 shows a small, triangular hatch area containing a “double drop” that has been filled with 5121 against the gel coat. Both the amount and the length of the incorporated fibers along with the premium resin provide the necessary strength to ensure an appropriate backup to the gel coat.


Strong and Impact Resistant

Arjay’s Radius Compound contains fibrous materials and tough resins that provide impact resistance both in the field and under your toughest quality control tests.


Stays Cool to Avoid Print

Arjay’s 2121 has become popular because it works!  Its low exotherm, low shrink and ease of application combine to produce a defect free finished product with outstanding cosmetics.

Saves Time and Money

When using Arjay’s Radius Compound, labor hours have been shown to be significantly reduced.  Our studies indicate that the increased material cost is saved many times over in the reduction of hours required in both laminating and repairing the skin coat.

Strong Bonding Compound

Arjay’s Radius Compound can also be used for bonding FRP parts together.  One customer who manufacturers fiberglass light poles solved two separate prouction problems by using Arjay’s 2121 (See photo, left).  They used it behind the flutes to avoid air voids and to bond the base to the pole.