High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

7400 High Glass Vinyl Ester Series

Our 7400 series compounds contain a minimum of 15% by weight of milled glass fibers and utilize premium expoxy vinyl ester resin.

Arjay will custom formulate a product in this series (or the Fire Retardant or Abrasion/Nonskid Series) using a resin of the customer's choice which have included, isophthalic resins, novalac modified vinyl esters and elastomeric pails) will apply.  Arjay custom formulation ensures chemical compatibility and product consistency.

7401CL Our translucent high performance epoxy vinyl ester compound.  It is a corrosion, impact and thermal shock resistant high glass compound for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) projects, wind turbine blade assembly, electric vehicle battery compartment assembly and other demanding chemical process applications that require exceptional corrosion resistance and high mechanical integrity.

7401G A grey version preferred when the surrounding laminate is darker in color.

Marine Applications:

  • Critical bonding applications particularly with VE laminates
  • Hull-to-deck joints and transom caps
  • Random assembly and repair

Industrial Applications:

  • Fairing of joints
  • Bonding of large pipe sections
  • Filling of irregularities in VE laminates
  • Attaching load bearing spars and joining wind turbine blade sections


Specifications Vinyl Ester Multi-Purpose



Gel Time

Arjay Vinyl Ester Compound