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ProTip: 5 Ways to Do More with Ceramic Pourable

By Bob Cottrell, CPIM

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Arjay products most often are developed with a specific application in mind. Our Ceramic Pourable Compound (CPC) is one such example. Its intended use is as a core material in the transoms of power boats. In this application CPC’s low exotherm in considerable mass (See related Pro Tip), high compressive strength (over 2,900 psi) and relative light weight (7.2 lbs/gal) combine to make it one of our more successful Performance Products.

But our customers have discovered many other uses for this versatile product:
• Coring small parts
• Providing a bed for mounting engines
• Backing up two part molds
• Repairing dry rot in transoms and stringers
• Backing up marine hardware

Coring Small Parts

One customer initially used a standard piece of FRP equipment to dispense drums of CPC for coring transoms. The efficiency of this method and the lower cost associated with buying in drums led them to trying the CPC in their two part hatch molding process. They were extremely pleased with the results. Although they could have used alternative products that would have saved even more weight, the advantages of utilizing an existing product and being able to use their equipment more often were very important to them. Simplicity is a good thing and an even better thing is to utilize FRP equipment regularly to avoid well known problems.

Engine Mounting Bed

Another customer was doing extensive repair and renovation on a work boat. A new engine bed was to be formed, but the area wasn’t level with the orientation of the craft in dry dock. After considering the pros and cons of repositioning the boat and using the standard self leveling CPC versus toweling on a higher viscosity version, they decided to adjust the orientation. The pour was successful and the customer felt that the hours lost in repositioning the boat were well invested.

Two Part Mold Backup

The low exotherm and toughness of CPC makes it an excellent choice for backing up two part molds. Creating a temporary dam in which to pour the material is a fast, efficient way to provide a durable, flat surface. Mold handling and flipping components easily can be incorporated into the CPC pour.

Repairing Dry Rot

CPC has been used for over 15 years to repair water damaged transoms using minimally invasive techniques. More recently it similarly has been used to repair stringers and even bulkheads.

Marine Hardware Backup

Cleat backed by ceramic pourable compound

Customers have long used CPC as a backup material behind cleats and other marine hardware. Its ceramic spheres help create the high compressive strength that leads to unmatched performance in this application. An added benefit is that the resin base of CPC bonds to the adjacent laminates creating an amazingly strong and delamination resistant backup.

These are just a few of the alternate uses for Arjay's Ceramic Pourable Compound. It truly is a remarkably versatile product. Perhaps there is a nagging problem in your operation where CPC’s pourability, low exotherm, high compressive strength and excellent screw retention can solve. Use your creativity. Our customers have!