High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

1201 Fairing Compound

Arjay Fairing Compounds Drag Smoothly and Feather Great, For a Perfect Edge the 
First Time Around

Tooling professionals know that when it comes to plug building or repairing fiberglass parts and molds, the edge is everything.  When the feathered edge drags perfectly the first time, inefficient re-drags and patching are avoided.  And when you’ve created the perfect edge the last thing you want is for it to ball up when it’s sanded.  The true test of a fairing compound is its sandability – both in the thinner and thicker areas.  This is where Arjay’s 1201 and 1301 really shine.  They provide a durable, easily sandable edge that isn’t as susceptible  to balling-up or tearing under normal sanding pressure.

Drags Smoothly

The more even and streak free the surface is, the easier it is to sand.  Arjay’s Fairing Compounds drag smoothly and evenly to provide for faster, easier sanding and less reapplication.

Feathers Great

Because of an improper cure, many products tend to "ball up"  under sanding, destroying the feathered edge.  Arjay’s Fairing Compounds feather great, preventing these type of imperfections, which can show through to the finished plug.

Sands Easily

Both of Arjay’s Fairing Compounds (1201 and 1301) powder easily when sanded and do not load up the sandpaper.

Quick Turnaround

Our customers report that Arjay’s Fairing Compounds significantly reduce the time from application to sandability, cutting down on waiting time and greatly reducing the overall plug building time.

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Gel Time

Arjay Fairing Compound